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Damita Hartz, AP, LMHC

Growing up in a medical family, I have always had an interest in medicine, holistic medicine, and mental health. After attending the University of Florida for my Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and my Bachelors of Science in Psychology, I went on to attend Ball State University and obtain my Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling and Social Psychology. After working in the mental health field for 3 years and marrying my husband, Jason, I decided I want to help my clients on a deeper level then I could as a mental health counselor. 

In 2017, I completed my Master’s in Oriental Medicine and Bachelor’s in Health Science at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine. During my education at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, I was trained in Contemporary Oriental Medicine, Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, and Channel Theory. As an acupuncture physician and license mental health counselor, I have years of experience assisting clients with many different issues such as chronic pain, mental/emotional issues, addictions, insomnia, trauma, women’s health issues, men’s health issues, stress management, gastrointestinal issues, and more. 

Jason Hartz, Office Manager, Student of Oriental Medicine

As a child, growing up in Tampa, Florida, I ate the standard American diet for those in a working class family, in a working class community.  No one had heard of health food much less was interested in it.  To us all food was safe and diabetes, fatty liver disease, and food allergies were rare.  Things sure have changed since then.  Today our diet is directly responsible for much of our health issues and I am a prime example of this fact.  

In my mid-30s I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, which is a series of diet related conditions like high blood pressure, prediabetes, and high cholesterol.  It is typically diagnosed in individuals with thinner arms and legs and a larger belly.  Ever since my diagnosis I have been on a quest to better my own personal health, but also have developed a passion to help others suffering from the effects of our modern world.  For many this may mean simply changing the diet, for others it may mean adapting practices to calm down the central nervous system (which when in a state of heightened activity prevents weight loss), which may include acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Currently I am a student of Contemporary Oriental Medicine (COM) at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, right here in Gainesville, Florida.  While in school I am working alongside Damita, my wife, as office manager in our clinic.  My background includes claims processing and business management both in the Veteran's Administration as a contract employee, and in my own prior businesses. 

Once I graduate and pass the boards required for licensure, I will be joining Damita full-time treating clients  with acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and herbal medicine.